Our story was birthed from the passion and curiosity of a simple dishwasher who, starting from the kitchens of an important restaurant in the 90s, climbed up the ladder of the catering sector, step by step. He now finds himself at the head of one the biggest names on the Lugano scene – and still has the enthusiasm of his early days.

His passion for his work enabled him to develop the correct understanding of every area of the sector, from working in the kitchen and serving in the dining room, up to financial planning. Furthermore, he has never stopped researching, nourishing his passion and curiosity with determination.

“The Circle” is a concept derived from passion and professionalism.

And so the feta restaurant came into being. Inaugurated in May 2018, its purpose was to offer customers a gastronomic experience that, through cuisine, took them on a journey around the world. Aromas and flavours of distant lands will arrive at the table in the form of delicacies based on fresh and high-quality products. Accompanied by curated service and a welcoming environment, customers will be able to disconnect from the stress of everyday life and enjoy a journey outside of time and space.

It is precisely for this reason that the whole team is committed to offering excellent service, paying attention to the smallest details. The team that has grown with and around him decided in January 2022 to offer even more to their customers: The Circle ethnic food & drink by feta came into being, with a completely revised menu and many other surprises.

Ethnic restaurant

An ethnic gastronomic experience in the heart of Lugano

An ethnic gastronomic experience in the heart of Lugano

A journey into the kitchens of the world, with recipes made with the best raw materials, preferring local Swiss products.

Our philosophy

Fetah Gigollaj

After many years of experience and management of important food and ethnic restaurants in Lugano (Migros Ticino, Ristorante Etnic and Dona Juarra), it is thanks to his ambition and his curiosity for recipes from all over the world that the ” feta restaurant “, a restaurant whose concept evolved, in 2022, into” The Circle Lugano “.

His ambition is to offer customers not a meal, but a real experience. A journey around the world through its delicacies.

From Mexico to the United States, from Kosovo to the Mediterranean, for a magical moment to experience tasting fresh and high quality raw materials.



Per una cena speciale, o anche solo se hai voglia di assaggiare le nostre specialità: ti portiamo la nostra cucina a casa o in ufficio.
Potrai assaggiare prelibatezze da tutte le tradizioni culinarie del mondo, il tutto realizzato con prodotti freschi e di qualità.


We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant to taste our specialities.